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June 14, 2022

Email Automation & Rejection Statistics πŸ“©

Effective on June 15th, 2022, we are launching Email Automation to help you automate your end-to-end document process and Rejection Statistics to help you identify the automation potential of different communication patterns at no extra cost!

Based on our research, after an AP team deploys a document extraction tool, enjoys the benefits, and potentially optimizes the headcount, AP clerks tend to spend more time on non-compliant documents. These usually require communication with the vendor or other teams within the company. Automating the communication will bring massive effort reduction and time saved to all document processing teams.

With Email Automation, you can create automation rules for saved templates. You can set up some common automation flows natively or automate email templates with simple Rossum extensions to run more complex automation flows.

Automation flow can send both standard and rejection email templates generating an automatically rejected document β€” a new type of touchless document.

With Rejection Statistics, you can quickly identify email templates you’re sending the most and automate templates, which will bring the largest effort reduction. You can do this in Rossum without purchasing and deploying process mining tools.

Where to find it in Rossum:

  • Email Automation: Queue settings –> Emails –> Templates/Rejections –> Edit template –> Setup automation
  • Rejection Statistics: Statistics –> Document rejections

A few examples of rejection automation flow:

  1. You want to automatically reject an invoice with a missing PO number and limit this rule to all vendors but two large ones which have special terms in place 
  2. You want to automatically reject a document where any field marked as required in the data schema is missing
  3. You want to automatically recognize if a vendor should be sending invoices with a PO number. If yes, reject all invoices with a PO number not matching their required format, and if no, reject all invoices without an invoice ID
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Click here to find other information about Rossum's new Email Experience

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